Self-Love in the Time of Overwhelming Social Media


We feel you: social media — our usual happy place — has been heavy lately, to say the least. While still an exciting medium to share ideas, make connections and post the latest Rupaul’s Drag Race reaction gifs — the trending news, trolls, and echo chambers have become… let’s just say a lot.

Metter Media has pledged to do more to make a positive impact and create a future we believe in, but even we need a break sometimes from the endless deluge of unhappy notifications that get thrown at us each day.

We’re not going to sit here and tell you to log off completely from the networks that we hold so dearly, but we are going to offer some actionable respite for when it feels like it’s way too much to deal.

So that brings us to this blog post full of things that can help you get through it all. From our Social Media Cooldown Spotify playlist to our favorite apps to help us obtain a much-needed level of zen, this blog post – much like Twitter and Facebook nowadays – has plenty of helpful tools. The internet likes to use the term ‘safe space’ as a pejorative, but when the world seems to turn upside down, you need to grab a hold of something. Grab hold of this.

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Social Media Saved the TV Show


Remember those days when sharing your love for a TV show was relegated to creeping on internet forums or gushing about the last night’s episode by the water cooler with your coworkers? When your favorite TV show was cancelled, it was cancelled. And no amount of internet forum griping was going to save it.

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Star Power: Celebrities Using Social Media for Good

Stephen Amell

Not to sound too cliché, but Spiderman’s Uncle Ben was right: with great power comes great responsibility, and arguably the most powerful tool in the universe today is social media.

Some celebrities choose to use their status for evil (lookin’ at you and your battery-acid Ciroc, P. Diddy), while others choose to lend their voices to more rewarding endeavors. Star Power is the first of an ongoing column focused on celebrities who use their social media skills and popularity to raise money and awareness for charitable causes. These are their stories.

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Big Brands Doing Social Media Right

Dennys fry guy

It isn’t easy to run a successful social media account for your business (which is why you should hire Metter Media, ahem), but there are a few companies who not only do it well, they’re basically our Social Media Heroes who can teach us quite a bit. Your brand has more in common with national names than you think, and if you look closely at their updates, you’ll begin to see patterns that have helped them get to that special place in our Favorites.

Here are our picks for big brands doing social media right, and what, exactly, we can learn from their bacon tweets and khakis:

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The Emmys for Best Tweets of the Night Go To…

Missed the Emmys? Never fear, Metter Media is here… with the highlights of the evening and some of their best reaction tweets!

From Seth Meyer’s opening monologue to that steamy kiss between the (MARRIED?!) Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus – if you don’t know what we’re talking about then, gurrrrrrl, you need to scroll down!

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