Some Of The Most Powerful Tweets From The #WomensMarch And What You Can Do Now


This weekend, America made history with its largest protest of all time. An estimate of over 3 million marched in the #WomensMarch in all 50 states, with thousands joining in cities across the globe. The march, which was kickstarted on social media, led to some of our favorite tweets of all time. Here are some of our picks for most powerful tweets from Saturday.

Want to help support the cause? Click here for a list of action items following the Women’s March.
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Dear Santa: A 2016 Social Media Wishlist


It was almost Christmas time and all was bright
As Santa sat by the firelight.
He sat in Santa HQ, preparing with cheer,
wondering, “What could I do different this year?”

He heard a tap on glass and a faint hoot
Saw an owl with a scroll about as big as his boot
“Come inside, little one!” Santa jollily boomed
Unrolling a scroll the length of the room.

“What do we have here!” He cried, chuckling some
“What? Facebook can be really dumb!
Who is this from, Metter Media in Cambridge, MA?
A social media wishlist, they say.”

Then Santa’s eyes did sparkle bright
He looked out into the dark night
And vowed to make each wish come true
If Facebook can’t fix it, Santa can do!


Metter Media’s Social Media Wishlist

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Celebrating International Women’s Day With Powerful Social Media

#InternationalWomensDay (2)

Happy International Women’s Day — and happy Women’s History Month!

As a women-led business in the social media industry, we’re consistently inspired and empowered by the movements we see growing and changing our social landscape in the name of gender equality. To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, the Metter Media team came together to honor some of our favorite movements that started right on social media.

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Metter Media’s Social Media Resolutions for 2016

Metter Staff 2015_2

What’s your New Year’s resolution? While everyone is making weight goals, buying ClassPasses, and planting home gardens, we’re focusing on our #1 obsession: social media. After a year full of new social media developments, two new iPhones, and memes galore, we’re getting ready for whatever the new year brings us.

In 2016, the Metter team is making social media resolutions to keep ourselves on our toes both on and off the clock.

Here are our goals for the new year:

jojo Joanna – I resolve to actually use my personal Twitter account.

abrayAngela – To tweet more news-related content and things people will actually find useful!

kcicKristen – I resolve to stop reading Facebook comments, typing replies, and deleting them before posting. I shall scroll past from here on out.

metterLauren – My New Year’s Resolution is to not freak out with anxiety when I get tagged in Facebook photos.

dpowDanielle – My resolutions: Get back on my Instagram game. Make sure to check in to at least one place per day – either on Swarm or by posting a pic to other platforms!


jloJasmine – I want to stop getting into arguments on comment threads.

jweavJames – I want to start being nicer on social media.

lyssaLyssa – Stop mindlessly browsing my Instagram feed when I’m supposed to be watching a movie / talking to a human / sleeping.

ribsSarah – I resolve to keep all (okay, most) of my Snapchat stories under 60 seconds.

What’s your social media resolution? Comment below or tweet it at us!

Metter Media LLC is a Boston-based social media management company that implements community-based, localized social engagement strategies for small businesses and corporations alike. Need help with your social media? Email Lauren today.

8 Simple Tips for Twitter Beginners


Welcome to Twitter, the world’s top short-form social media platform! With over 100,000 users signing up daily, you’re not alone, so don’t be afraid. The “rules” seem tough to learn, and posting may appear to be daunting, but Twitter is fun and welcoming — we promise. But 44% of users sign up for an account and then never tweet. We’re here to fix that. Here are some rules and basic etiquette that every new Twitter user should know:

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AMC’s The Walking Dead Spoils it for Everyone

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, EFF AMC ARE YOU SERIOUS. Being able to react with and respond to your fans is important as a brand, but sometimes it comes at a price. While The Walking Dead does a great job of live-tweeting their show, it seems they have forgotten that not everyone is watching live (especially west coast fans).

The team running The Walking Dead’s social media unleashed a horde of walking spoilers upon its unsuspecting fans when they posted a MAJOR spoiler immediately following the east coast showing of its mid-season finale (post not included here to save the rest of you).

The first time the post was sent was at 9:59pm EST but was deleted quickly enough – but not before damage was done, of course. But then they posted it again and, this time, there was a wee bit of…what’s the word…outrage. Fans on the west coast or not at a television were heartbroken to learn of the death of a major character before getting a chance to watch the finale themselves.

While AMC has since apologized, the effects are long-lasting. With memes popping up all over AMC and The Walking Dead’s official social accounts from disgruntled fans, the spoilers are hard to miss. In fact, in a MM email thread, one of our very own fell victim:

Walking Dead

Here are some of our favorite memes in response to this weekend’s big spoiler:

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