#MMSocialReport Oct. 6, 2017

#MMSocialReport (2)

There is no better way to end the first week of October than with a #MMSocialReport! This week Instagram announced a “poll” feature while Snapchat ad revenues begin to decline. In other news, U.S. Lawmakers write a letter to Twitter in regards to preventing users’ racist and violent behavior.

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#MMSocialReport Sept. 29, 2017

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It’s time for the #MMSocialReport, AKA the best part of the week! Big things happened in social media in the last seven days, so you won’t want to miss this one. Twitter may be doubling its character limit and internet is going crazy! In other news, Snapchat rolled out 3D Bitmojis and Instagram is adding masks for Instagram Live. All this and more in our report:

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#MMSocialReport Sept. 22, 2017


Kick off the fall season with this week’s #MMSocialReport! This week in social media, Twitter introduced a new feature to keep users updated on local and world news and Instagram experimented with a new layout. In other news, YouTube expanded channel subscription services and Snapchat and Pinterest took new steps to improve their advertisement strategies. Read about all this and more in this week’s report!

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Hurricane Survivors and Responders Resort to Social Media for Aid


Over the past decade, Social Media has been slowly replacing newspapers as the general population’s handheld news source.

Over two-thirds of adults in the US receive their news from a social media outlet. Social Media has connected our society by not only providing the opportunity for everyday people to communicate to the general population, but also becoming a platform for emergency responders to contact victims in states of emergency when calling is not an option. Those in a state of emergency can easily communicate and pin their location to emergency first responders and government officials — which we’ve seen with the advent of Facebook Safety Check and other tools.

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Metter Media Social Report, August 11, 2017

With the end of summer quickly coming up, we’ve got another #MMSocialReport for you! Instagram launches live group chat, Youtube has a new chat feature, and of course Facebook is working on some big things. All this and more in this week’s report:

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