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Vine, the once popular video-sharing platform, has been out of the online discussion for a while (and we miss it!). After Twitter discontinued Vine, many popular Viners had to switch to other social media platforms. We got in touch with Bostonian comedian, now relocated to Los Angeles, and former Viner Ry Doon to get his thoughts on current social media trends.

Ry jumpstarted his career on Vine and attracted huge following with his funny skits and impressions. After Vine was shut down, Ry had to switch to other platforms and relocate himself on social media. Once being one of the most recognized Viners, with nearly 4 million followers, Ry is now focusing on his career as a comedian and growing his presence on social media.

Social anxiety… it's everyday. (Tag an awkward friend) @ughitsjoe @vincentmarcus

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Not Art X Metter Media: An Interview

“In a different time, had I spray painted ‘Not Art’ on things, people would have said ‘Hey, that’s illegal and that’s not art.’”

That’s what the street artist and founder of the Not Art Movement said to us.

#NotArt #NYC

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We caught up with one of Boston’s favorite street artists to know more about his thoughts on street art, his inspirations and how he goes about ideating for all his pieces. Find out how it feels like to deal with notions that label artists as vandals, an artist’s daily challenges, personal preferences and what has kept him going for the past 10 years:

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Interview with Cindy Congdon: The Cat Mom Behind @foster_kittens

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“Wouldn’t it be great to have kittens around all the time?”

That’s what Cindy Congdon, owner of the Instagram account @foster_kittens, asked her vet four years ago. Little did she know that a friendly conversation she had while taking her kitten for a check up would take her down the path of fostering countless litters of kittens and would create a following of more than 400,000 users on Instagram. As followers of the account, the Metter Media team wanted to get inside the head of the person behind the adorable Instagram pictures. Find out what it is like to have hundreds of thousands of followers and how it helps the kittens that Congdon cares for.

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10 Questions With Javier Mejia, Founder of @IGersBoston

When following a large, community-focused social media account, it can be easy to overlook the fact that it is run by an actual person, or if you’re like us, you wonder how such a thriving and well-loved account began. Today we go straight to the source with Javier Mejia, founder of the nearly 40,000-follower-strong @IGersBoston Instagram account, to get some answers. Below, he discusses his inspiration, how he manages it all, and the astounding support of the local photography community.

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RECAP: Twitter Q&A With Jake From State Farm

Metter Media Chats With Jake from State Farm

Everyone knows the infamous man in khakis: Jake from State Farm. He’s on the phone with your husband at 3 o’clock in the morning, wearing a red polo and sounding hideous. When we discovered Jake had his very own Twitter account, @JakeStateFarm, we had to follow along and see what this crazy insurance agent of the night had to say. After noticing that what he had to say was a lot, we knew a Twitter Q&A was in order. See what went down below!

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Social Media Tips From #Boston Pros!


Remember our all encompassing, sightly mind-blowing round-up of who to follow on Twitter in Boston? If not, we highly suggest clicking HERE to see who made the cut, and then clicking HERE to subscribe to that list on Twitter.

Don’t worry, we won’t say the word “click” again.

Well, since the birth of that list, we’ve reached out to our Twitter pros in hopes that they’d break off a piece of their social media wisdom. Below you’ll find the results: a magnificent cornucopia of tips, advice, and general online community wizardry, all available at your disposal.

So go ahead — read up and tweet out. Because when it comes to Twitter, it’s totally awesome to follow, but it’s totally awesomer to lead.

Oh, and that promise about no more clicking? We take it back. CLICK AWAY!

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