Some Of The Most Powerful Tweets From The #WomensMarch And What You Can Do Now


This weekend, America made history with its largest protest of all time. An estimate of over 3 million marched in the #WomensMarch in all 50 states, with thousands joining in cities across the globe. The march, which was kickstarted on social media, led to some of our favorite tweets of all time. Here are some of our picks for most powerful tweets from Saturday.

Want to help support the cause? Click here for a list of action items following the Women’s March.

Our Favorite #WomensMarch Tweets:

Action items:


Follow Along

Find a hashtag that suits your political drive. Some of our favorites include #HeForShe, #YesAllWomen, #LikeAGirl, #AskHerMore, and #StandWithPP.

Follow along with the Women’s March call to action, starting with their 10 Actions for the First 100 Days. The first one is to write a letter to your senators about issues you’re concerned with. 


Start a recurring donation toward an organization that assists marginalized peoples (i.e. Planned Parenthood, First Peoples Fund, ACLU,  GLAAD, or NAACP).

Join a local chapter of Black & Pink, the ACLU, the Muslim Legal Fund of America, the Human Rights Campaign, or another smaller organization that helps local marginalized peoples.


Volunteer at a local women’s shelter, women’s aid organization, Planned Parenthood, or another organization that is near to your heart.

Make Your Voice Heard

Write letters to your local representatives — including town and district reps — to get them to commit to women-forward, minority-forward, disability-forward and environmentally-forward policy.

Join a political campaign — identify which local offices have openings and reach out to current campaigning politicians (or people you think should be running!),

Start your own political campaign! Not sure how? Contact She Should Run, an incubator that helps women run for local office.

Keep Going

Democracy only works when everyone’s voice is heard. Keep the conversation going. Be an active member in your local community, especially for the underserved. We are stronger together. Keep fighting for the future. And whatever you do, don’t give up hope!

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