Student Guide: Who to Follow on Twitter in Boston


As much as we complain incessantly about #Boston, you’ve picked a good city to call home while you’re in school. And one thing we’re really good at is social media. Our Mayor (@marty_walsh) hosts #TwitterChat(s) regularly, we’ve won various awards for the city’s social media prowess, and here’s a protip: if you know who to follow on Twitter, that’s enough to be “in the know” in this city.

So here’s a good list to get you started (subscribe to it here):

General Boston



@BriteBoston UPDATE: Inactive since 2015.

City of Boston (important) Accounts

Mayor: @marty_walsh
Food Trucks: @bosfood
Bikes: @bikeboston



Live Updates






Food & Drink



@backbaymemoirs UPDATE: Inactive since 2015.
@centralsqpigeon  UPDATE: Inactive since 2016.
@BDPizzaBrighton UPDATE: Inactive since 2015.





@ttthebears UPDATE: TT The Bears has closed as of July 2015.

MBTA Accounts


Other Transportation


The best Twitter accounts in Boston


Who are your essential Boston tweeters? Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Student Guide: Who to Follow on Twitter in Boston

  • Fantastic list! I would also add the following tweeps (and prolly a few others) from the kicking-more-and-more ass every day #bosarts scene…

    @opusaffair (and their new local chapter @opusaffairbos) hosts wicked fun monthly arts networking events… @khemingway and @gwright know how to throw a gd pahty.

    @fluxboston @theesthete @twoastwons @bigredandshiny will get you the skinny on all the hippest visual arts events and @aaronhadleydana is an art gangsta.

    @artsboston and @masscreative do terrific political advocacy on behalf of the local scene.

    @ddower @bostonturgy @_Mona_Rose @patrickgabridge @newmethos @MeronLangsner @stagesourcebos @fufandoreos @ShawnLaCountC1 @Danfrmbourque @Coriana_Hunt @brynboice @jamesblaszko will lead you to the best in local theatre (shameless plug for @SNinBoston).

    @rachelonpointe and @tutusandtea will keep you on pointe on the ballet scene.

    @margotrood @loreleiensemble @blueheronchoir @handelandhaydn @DirtyPaloma offer the best in gorgeous singing.

    @joycekulhawik @JaredWGBH @globeostriker @_el_caballero @suedoesnttweet @davidgweininger @SebastianSmee @jgarelick @GlobeJamesReed @JeremyDGoodwin @BillMarx @chasmcenerney are indispensable critics, editors, and journalists.

    @LeslieLKB @girlgloaming @georgiahenley @erinmharris @aleciabatson @klangfarben @thomdunn @daviday @karaemiller @brianodonovan @jgoldfin @jrpierce @musethbu are ever interesting people talking about ever interesting things.

    @saraburns for indescribable poetry and hilarity.

    You can also follow my BOSTON AHTSY list, 797 strong local AHTS voices – you don’t have to individually click on and follow their profiles – just follow the list!

    And finally… throw ME a follow (you knew it was coming) at @coolmcjazz. Cheers!

  • If you’re looking for live updates in Cambridge (as it relates to public safety), please give @CambridgePolice a follow.

  • Great list. For all your coffee needs (very important for new students) I like the robust efforts of the Starbucks team in Boston. 

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