Metter Media Social Report, Dec. 16, 2016


In this week’s #MMSocialReport – features, features, features! Snapchat Groups, Facebook Moments, Apple’s new emojis, Reserve with Google, and Facebook Messenger’s new camera are among this week’s slew of new features on social media.
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Metter Media’s Spectacular 2015

Metter Media 2015

Here’s to the end of a spectacular year here at Metter Media. 2015 gave us some of the best Twitter momentsfunniest Snapchat stories, and the greatest dance moves to ever be on YouTube. Here, we gathered some of our favorite articles of the year, highlighting special moments, special people, and the hard work that goes into creating connections every day on social media.

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10 Questions With Javier Mejia, Founder of @IGersBoston

When following a large, community-focused social media account, it can be easy to overlook the fact that it is run by an actual person, or if you’re like us, you wonder how such a thriving and well-loved account began. Today we go straight to the source with Javier Mejia, founder of the nearly 40,000-follower-strong @IGersBoston Instagram account, to get some answers. Below, he discusses his inspiration, how he manages it all, and the astounding support of the local photography community.

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