Metter Media Social Report, Dec. 2, 2016



It’s not that easy to guess who’s on Twitter. It’s also not that easy to become an Instagram Influencer. But with constant updates coming to all platforms/apps, and information being circulated at a high pace, the spread of fake news has become a major concern. What are the regulations we need to set? Read on for a few of the solutions that we came across:

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Metter Media Social Report, Nov. 11, 2016




Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram: These 3 social media platforms have ruled this week’s social media report. In this week’s news, we’re making the retail experience more effective on Instagram and Facebook, a new Facebook video messaging app is being launched for emerging markets, and hardware (i.e. Spectacles by Snapchat), brand expansions, and extensions are the flavor of this week. Read on to learn more:

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