#MMSocialReport Nov. 3, 2017


A lot has happened in the world of the social media this week! Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated, Facebook bought a complimenting app, and Facebook and WhatsApp has trumped Snapchat. Read more about what happened this week in our #MMSocialReport!

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Metter Media Social Report, July 14, 2017


It’s Friday and that means…. the #MMSocialReport. This week was a hectic week for the social world, especially Facebook. We saw Facebook reveal the ability to capture emotions via facial scanning to offer emojis, plans for Messenger Ads to go global, and how to upload your own GIFs. Twitter tagged along with an update to filtering notifications and Google Earth announced big plans for Google Earth stories.

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Metter Media’s Favorite Gifs, In Honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Gif

Ah, the gif. Whether you pronounce it “jif” or “gif”, what would the Internet be without this image format? Stationary and boring, that’s what. So when we heard that the gif was celebrating its 30th anniversary today, we thought: an excellent excuse to look at our favorite gifs all day! The resulting round up is below; a potpourri of our go-to moments in pop culture and beyond, played on an infinite 3-second loop.

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#MMSocialReport Oct. 7, 2016


#MadeByGoogle went viral and we’re impressed with all their efforts, but they’ve been also been a bunch of other events happening in the tech world. Facebook-owned WhatsApp borrows from Snapchat, GIFs get interpreted by artists in NYC and Sprout Social comes out with a social media report. We’ve also suggested a link that has 16 Twitter recommendations for the curious soul. Scroll down to learn more:

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