Metter Media Social Report, Dec. 16, 2016


In this week’s #MMSocialReport – features, features, features! Snapchat Groups, Facebook Moments, Apple’s new emojis, Reserve with Google, and Facebook Messenger’s new camera are among this week’s slew of new features on social media.
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Top 10 New Tools in Social Media Tech

Selfie Stick Today Show

I’m not sure if I’m turning into a grandma at the ripe old age of 22, but it seems like kids these days always have new toys. I normally would complain, but this year, all the new gadgets are geared towards social media.

As technology keeps progressing and social networking becomes more and more ingrained in our daily life, it’s not surprising to find more and more items that ROCK for the digital generation. Hardware like the selfie stick is designed to make social easier through incorporating digital applications with physical tools (Disclaimer: just… don’t use the selfie stick. Please.) Not only are all these new gadgets super cool, they make life on the internet a breeze.

To save you some time, we compiled a list of the top social media tools for social media marketers, lovers, and lurkers alike.

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