Is the New Snapchat a Total Bust? Here’s What we Think at Metter Media

Okay, we know everyone is raging right now over the new Snapchat updates. Let’s be honest — the new set up is less than ideal for a number of reasons, one being the way to choose to whom your snaps go. Now, instead of clicking down a quick line of streaks, you have to scroll through your entire friends list to make sure you didn’t miss someone. Who has time for that?

And, while having snap stories on the same page as your friends list might seem like it’s saving time, having to redevelop the habit of swiping left has been a total pain! But we can’t completely disregard the positive updates: the new fonts are pretty cool, and the new backdrops are pretty cute (if you can find a reason to use them).

Needless to say, there are a lot of opinions associated with the new Snapchat. Here’s how some of the team at Metter feel about the commotion:

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#Thankful: Metter Media’s Favorite Social Media Features


Thanksgiving: a time for mashed potatoes, avoiding politics at the dinner table, post-dinner naps, and, of course, giving thanks.

While we have plenty to be thankful for this year here at Metter Media — our amazing clientele, our stellar team of kickass women, and a Pinterest-worthy office right in the heart of Central Square — our team is taking some time to be thankful for the brilliant updates and features that we’ve seen on social media this year.

Here are some of our favorites:

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#MMSocialReport Nov. 17, 2017


This week: Are Craigslist and Yelp the next to be outcompeted by Facebook? Meanwhile, Twitter users can now make their display names as long as 50 characters and Pinterest announced Pincodes! Catch up on what happened this week in today’s #MMSocialReport: Read more

#MMSocialReport Nov. 10, 2017


There are a few exciting social media updates this week! Facebook added animated GIF polls, Instagram will let you add any photos or videos to your Stories, and Twitter increased the character count to 280. Read more about what happened this week in our #MMSocialReport!

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#MMSocialReport Nov. 3, 2017


A lot has happened in the world of the social media this week! Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated, Facebook bought a complimenting app, and Facebook and WhatsApp has trumped Snapchat. Read more about what happened this week in our #MMSocialReport!

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#MMSocialReport Oct. 20, 2017


This week was a big one for Facebook! They announced a new feature that will make it easier to explore new content. Twitter laid out a plan to control and prevent hateful and violent content. Snapchat announced a costume that will make users ready to dance all Halloween night. Read about all this and more in this week’s report!

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