#MMSocialReport Feb. 10, 2017 | Metter Media Blog


Two major efforts to undermine online harassers, the Super Bowl’s takeover of social media, Mark Zuckerberg’s new focus on video, and the Snapchat IPO—read about it all on this week’s #MMSocialReport. 
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It’s Okay Not to Tweet About the Super Bowl

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With every widely televised event like the Super Bowl comes a barrage of live tweets taking over your feed. We’re all watching the same thing, yet we feel the need to tell each other about it, too.

But that’s exactly the fun of it – live-tweeting a TV show or award show or sporting event lets you share an experience with people around the country (or world), and it can be pretty enjoyable to read everyone’s opinions and witty remarks.

That is, until The Brands come in. People on social media know when they’re being sold to and we finicky millennials don’t like it, so what marketers have to do is be creative when jumping in to popular conversations. Be part of the conversation, if you insist, rather than trying to dominate it. And don’t be all bold about it, OKAY? But there is a fine line between creativity and simply trying too hard.

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