#MMSocialReport Feb. 10, 2017 | Metter Media Blog


Two major efforts to undermine online harassers, the Super Bowl’s takeover of social media, Mark Zuckerberg’s new focus on video, and the Snapchat IPO—read about it all on this week’s #MMSocialReport. 
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Metter Media Social Report, August 8 2016

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Hello media lovers! It’s Friday and in this week’s social report we explore the recent uprisings in the social media game of thrones: Instagram and Twitter are joining the Story-a-la-Snapchat bandwagon. Also a heads up on Facebook’s recent updates: new and improved options for live streaming and the option to choose which ads you see on your timeline 😳

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Delicious Food Videos Taking Facebook by Storm

Who would have thought a short video about food could be such a hit? It turns out Buzzfeed struck gold when it generated the Tasty channel one year ago, which has completely taken over social media with its fast-motion, aesthetically pleasing videos showing off recipes from start to finish.

Since Tasty went viral, others have hopped on the bandwagon making videos in the same style. Insider Food and Tastemade are Facebook’s newest additions, posting daily and increasing views and popularity by the millions. The videos are around 30-50 seconds and each one is a how-to that includes ingredients used and the step-by-step process of making the dish.

We’re kind of obsessed with this type of content over at Metter Media, so we foodies put together a full-course meal brought to you by some of our favorite visual dishes. 😋  Bon appetit!

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Metter Media Social Report, May 6, 2016

Trigger your Twitter fingers, social media fans, because in this week’s #MMSocialReport, we explore what’s going on with Facebook live-streaming, Snapchat features, up-and-coming social media apps, and an IRL Romeo and Juliet love (snap) story!

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