Some Of The Most Powerful Tweets From The #WomensMarch And What You Can Do Now


This weekend, America made history with its largest protest of all time. An estimate of over 3 million marched in the #WomensMarch in all 50 states, with thousands joining in cities across the globe. The march, which was kickstarted on social media, led to some of our favorite tweets of all time. Here are some of our picks for most powerful tweets from Saturday.

Want to help support the cause? Click here for a list of action items following the Women’s March.
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Celebrating International Women’s Day With Powerful Social Media

#InternationalWomensDay (2)

Happy International Women’s Day — and happy Women’s History Month!

As a women-led business in the social media industry, we’re consistently inspired and empowered by the movements we see growing and changing our social landscape in the name of gender equality. To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, the Metter Media team came together to honor some of our favorite movements that started right on social media.

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