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Founder + President

Lauren is the Founder and President of Metter Media. Metter Media began because she wanted to help local businesses tell their stories online. Building a strong, local community of engaged followers is the way to go on social media. Ask her why. #Protip: it’s way easier to reach her on Twitter  or email than by phone.



Vice President

Lyssa Goldberg is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Metter Media. You can find her around Greater Boston trying to change the world one Twitter account at a time. She specializes in walk-scrolling through Instagram while managing not to crash into anyone. Reach her on social at @discolyssa.


Still, and always, the best in the business!


The Merchant


    Chief Account Manager

    Kristen is the Chief Account Manager and Editor at Metter Media, specializing in brand development, communications, and messaging for local restaurants and other small businesses. On Twitter, she’s all about Boston, food, music, and trying to make you laugh.


    Head Account Manager

    Sarah Ribeiro is a Head Account Manager at Metter Media, though she prefers the term Social Media Princess. Her main social media strategy is rapid-fire tweeting, which you can experience first-hand at @saraherib. Sarah’s main interests are pizza and Taco Bell. So much Taco Bell.

  • Angela Bray

    Account Manager

    Angela is an Account Manager at Metter Media within the thriving nightlife and restaurant industries ― two of her favorites. Follow her adventures and random thoughts on Twitter.

  • Jasmine López

    Account Manager

    Jasmine is an Account Manager and Professional Human Being at Metter Media. Her life goals include nachos, Netflix and naps. Not necessarily in that order (but probably in that order, yeah).

  • Heshi Piyathilake

    Insurance Division Manager

    Heshi is a Metter Media Account Manager with a focus on corporate clients and insurance agencies. A budding cyclist, Heshi spends most of her weekends biking around Boston (not whilst on Facebook). She also has a dream to visit every national park in the country… and document it on Twitter (obviously) at @heshi393.

  • Sierra Unsworth

    Account Manager

    Sierra is an Account Manager at Metter Media with a focus in hospitality, lifestyle, and beauty accounts. As a diehard Kesha fan, she lives by the motto “everything’s better with a little glitter.” Whether she’s relaxing at the beach or snowboarding in Vermont, you can follow her adventures on Instagram.

  • Janet Mesh

    Account Manager

    Janet is an Account Manager at Metter Media and works with our corporate clients. When she’s not crafting the perfect tweet, you can find her cooking Italian food or jetting off to a new country. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Gina Curreri

    Account Manager

    Gina is an Account Manager at Metter Media, working with our corporate clients. On too many occasions, she’s asked herself, “Does this fit my brand?” She tweets most often about politics and the restaurant industry — follow along here.