Metter Media Social Report, August 11, 2017

With the end of summer quickly coming up, we’ve got another #MMSocialReport for you! Instagram launches live group chat, Youtube has a new chat feature, and of course Facebook is working on some big things. All this and more in this week’s report:

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Metter Media X Social Media Influencer Ry Doon


Vine, the once popular video-sharing platform, has been out of the online discussion for a while (and we miss it!). After Twitter discontinued Vine, many popular Viners had to switch to other social media platforms. We got in touch with Bostonian comedian, now relocated to Los Angeles, and former Viner Ry Doon to get his thoughts on current social media trends.

Ry jumpstarted his career on Vine and attracted huge following with his funny skits and impressions. After Vine was shut down, Ry had to switch to other platforms and relocate himself on social media. Once being one of the most recognized Viners, with nearly 4 million followers, Ry is now focusing on his career as a comedian and growing his presence on social media.

Social anxiety… it's everyday. (Tag an awkward friend) @ughitsjoe @vincentmarcus

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Metter Media Social Report, July 28, 2017


Awesome news in this week’s #MMSocialReport: Adobe is finally killing off Flash, and Microsoft confirms that Paint will still be available for Windows 10.

We also cover a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to view Facebook stories on it’s browser, BuzzFeed is selling a hot plate that can be connected to your smartphone, and lastly find out what the Snapchat Hotdog means for the future of AR.

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Metter Media Social Report, July 21, 2017


This week’s #MMSocialReport is all about updates. Snapchat rolled out an update with Tint Brush, Google gave us a new security feature warning about unauthorized apps, and Amazon’s latest mobile update includes an Instagram-like feature called Amazon Spark.

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#WorldEmojiDay: Metter Media’s Dream Emoji


Ah, the emoji… the millennial’s hieroglyph. Emoji are the easiest way to tell your best friend that you’re running late to meeting her at the bar but you want her to order you a slice of pizza and a beer: (🏃⏰🔜🍕🍻🙏). And they are one of Metter Media’s favorite parts of social media — so you bet your bottom dollar (⬇️💲?) that we’re celebrating World Emoji Day. What better way than to come up with our dream list of future emoji?

Unicode 11, get ready… we have plenty of ideas for you.

Metter Media’s Must-Have Emoji:

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