Metter Media Social Report, Feb. 3, 2017


In this week’s #MMSocialReport – Facebook finally addresses fake news and Facebook stories, big Snapchat QR code news for businesses, Instagram is finally going to let us share multiple pics in one post, and OMG BEY IS HAVING TWINS!

1. Facebook changes feed to promote posts that aren’t fake, sensational, or spam

by @joshconstine via @techcrunch

Tired of fake news on your news feed? A new Facebook algorithm update detects and promotes authentic and genuine posts on user’s news feeds while simultaneously boosting stories that are going viral in real time. Could this be the kick Facebook needs to compete with Twitter’s in-the-moment news sharing.

2. Instagram will soon let you share multiple photos in one post

by @chriswelch via @verge

As of right now, only advertisers on Instagram can publish multiple photos in one post, but inside the app’s latest beta release, there are hints of a brand new feature that will change the “gram-ing” game forever.

3. Snapchat now lets you make QR Snapcodes that open websites

by @joshconstine via @techcrunch

The recent iOS update allows Snapchat to update some key features that businesses will love. This piece explains everything you need to know about the new feature and the potential Snapchat has for businesses now that it has been released.

4. Facebook Stories?! Snapchat’s main feature is copied again

by @kerrymflynn via @mashable

Adding to an already heated competition, Facebook has once again almost exactly copied another one of Snapchat’s main features.

5. Beyonce’s Pregnancy Instagram Just Achieved This Major Honor

by @michaelhafford via @refinery29

While (arguably) being the most important piece of news this week, Yoncé also broke a pretty big record with her Instagram post.

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