#MMSocialReport Feb. 2, 2018


It’s our first #MMSocialReport of the year! What’s new: a big Bitmoji update, while Twitter attempts to perfect its previews, children advocates don’t like Messenger Kids, Instagram adds more options for advertisers and Google reaches more people than ever with Youtube Go.   
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#MMSocialReport Nov. 17, 2017


This week: Are Craigslist and Yelp the next to be outcompeted by Facebook? Meanwhile, Twitter users can now make their display names as long as 50 characters and Pinterest announced Pincodes! Catch up on what happened this week in today’s #MMSocialReport: Read more

#MMSocialReport Nov. 10, 2017


There are a few exciting social media updates this week! Facebook added animated GIF polls, Instagram will let you add any photos or videos to your Stories, and Twitter increased the character count to 280. Read more about what happened this week in our #MMSocialReport!

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#MMSocialReport Oct. 6, 2017

#MMSocialReport (2)

There is no better way to end the first week of October than with a #MMSocialReport! This week Instagram announced a “poll” feature while Snapchat ad revenues begin to decline. In other news, U.S. Lawmakers write a letter to Twitter in regards to preventing users’ racist and violent behavior.

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From TV to Your Social Media Feed: An Interview with Jenny Johnson

I will say that while social media is going to be ever present in our lives forever, one really important thing to keep in mind [which] is much more important than what you post, is the relationships that you develop with other people and other businesses and other entities.

This was one of the most important pieces of advice Jenny Johnson has to offer regarding her career in social media.

We got to chat with Jenny Johnson — producer, entrepreneur, social media queen, and one of Boston’s favorite TV personalities — about her day to day life and how she got to where she is today. Read about how she grew (and continues to grow) with social media, how it fits into her life and all aspects of her career, and how she manages to balance a busy career with her personal life:

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Hurricane Survivors and Responders Resort to Social Media for Aid


Over the past decade, Social Media has been slowly replacing newspapers as the general population’s handheld news source.

Over two-thirds of adults in the US receive their news from a social media outlet. Social Media has connected our society by not only providing the opportunity for everyday people to communicate to the general population, but also becoming a platform for emergency responders to contact victims in states of emergency when calling is not an option. Those in a state of emergency can easily communicate and pin their location to emergency first responders and government officials — which we’ve seen with the advent of Facebook Safety Check and other tools.

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